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        First, custom synthesis

        The company has a team of more than 40 people, including four doctorate, a number of master's degree R & D team, proficient in route design and route optimization, and is committed to providing timely and efficient customization services. Especially in the Foucault reaction, nitrification reaction, etherification reaction, heterocyclic ring reaction, catalytic hydrogenation and other unit reaction experience.

        The company has more than 1000m2 four kilograms of laboratories, there are a wide range of analytical testing equipment.

        Second, the contract custom

        Companies can customize the production of clinical trials and commercial use of raw materials and intermediates, especially aldehydes, esters, heterocyclic compounds such as the synthesis. In many years of practice, the company worked out a set of detailed scientific technology transfer standard process, can be effective and safe technology transfer and amplification production.

        The company's production and technical personnel have a wealth of production and management experience, there are several sets of scale from 100L to 5000L of the reactor, to meet the different sizes of production.

        Can achieve high pressure hydrogenation, low temperature (-30 ℃), high temperature (250 ℃), chlorine and other special conditions of the reaction.

        Third, the process development

        The company has a production line with both experience and research and development experience in the development team, the development of the process environment-friendly, cost control, security control, etc. have a profound understanding.

        The company is committed to the development of efficient technology, product quality and stability of the synthesis process. Focus on:

        New line exploration and development

        Evaluation of existing routes

        Study on Impurities

        Transfer from laboratory to pilot process

        Fourth, analysis services

        The company's Suzhou Long-lin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. specializes in life science research, protein characterization and glycosylation analysis in biopharmaceutical development, providing glycosylation analysis services and consumable production. With three hundred square meters of special laboratory analysis,

        Mainly provided:

        Protein concentration determination, glycoprotein binding site analysis, protein isoelectric point determination, protein polymerization

        Degree analysis, glycoprotein oligosaccharide distribution and oligosaccharide structure qualitative analysis testing services.

        Production and sales of protein and oligosaccharide analysis experiments required for neutral coating capillary and capillary electrochemical separation kit and provide related technical advisory services.

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